Although we have been trying to help people in our town as a foundation since 2014, it’s been only during this last 6 months that we have been able to help the most thanks to the donations that we have received from overseas. Those Donations have allowed us to continue helping the people who has been most affected by the terrible situation that is happening in Venezuela.

Sadly the situation continue to gets worst, a lot of people in Venezuela is still dying because of the lack of medicine and there are a lot of cases of malnourished children and adults. The people continue protesting in the streets peacefully against the government, but there are a lot of violent groups that are disturbing the peace in the streets. Recently the government decided to raise again the minimum wage to 250000Bs.F but compare to the prices of the products that increase can do nothing to help the people, just to give you an example of the prices the package of diapers that we usually donate costs 27000 Bs.F.

So because of this terrible situation, and because there are also a lot of sick people in our town, we as a foundation continue trying to help those in need. And thanks to donations from overseas this last four months we were able to help more than 15 people in the following way:

  • We have donated more than 30 packages of diapers for sick people.
  • We have donated different medicines that are hard to find or to buy because of the prices. 
  • We have donated 7 bag of foods for the people that not only is sick but also can’t afford to buy the food necessary to overcome the disease. 
  • We have given different donations to help more than 5 people to cover the cost of medical studies, chemotherapy and the cost of the transportation to go to the city where the treatment must be done. 

We were able to do all that thanks to the people that being outside of Venezuela realized that the situation is extremely difficult and that something should be done in order to help those who are in need, so we really appreciate any help we can receive and hope you can spread the word about us so that more people gets inspired to help us.




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