A country with a high percentage of poverty. Inflation that grows every second. A lot of diseases that kill more and more people. That and much more are facing Venezuelans day by day. Powerless in the face of the situation and already used to answer to the question “How are you?” with a sad “here, surviving”. But we, as foundation, continue in the struggle. Hoping that someday the situation will improve, hoping that one day the common response to that “how are you?” Will be a “I’m great, and you?”.

With hope as a guide and thanks to the help of kind people we continue to try to help those who need it the most in our town. A small Venezuelan town where the lack of cash, food and medicine is harder than ever. And although the situation gets worse every day, we remain active, trying  to give the people a glimmer of hope. That faith and hope we have led us this month to help 12 people who have been affected by cancer or other diseases that have left them disabled. The donations that were made were the following:

  • Thirteen packages of diapers.
  • Five boxes of medicines.
  • A cash donation for travel expenses to the city where the medical treatment is performed.
  • A cash donation to pay for the costs of chemotherapy.
  • A basket of food.
  • Because in this month the world celebrated the day against breast cancer the foundation also decided to donate a tray of food to twelve patients to give them hope and remind them that they are not alone in these difficult times.

In view of the great number of problems that the country is experiencing and the great increase of people who gets cancer, our small foundation can not do much in our town since the number of people who need help increases every day. At this time there are more than eight people on our waiting list who need help, whether through diapers, medication, food, or chemotherapy. That is why we hope that donations can continue to come to help those we have not yet been able to help and continue to help those who still need a helping hand.

Finally we would like to share our plans of having a screening for cancer day in our town.  We have already organize something like this in the past with the help of doctors from other cities and because it is an important tool to fight against cancer we decided to do it again. For this reason during the month of October we were visiting several doctors who will accompany us during the day, a day that we carried out in order to determine the state of health of the people in our town, the risk of the disease, and at the same time prevent, detect and diagnose cancer in time.

We hope to be able to count with your collaboration and that you can share our work with your friends and acquaintances so that we can continue to bring faith and hope to those who have lost them.

Donations made:

The food trays, prepared by the volunteers of the foundation.


Packages of diapers and medicines.


Vegetables and fruits


Visiting doctors to prepare for the screening for cancer day.





As a foundation we find it very difficult to see how cancer takes the lives of more and more people. During the month of August five of our beneficiaries sadly lost their lives, cancer defeated them. We pray that one day this disease will go away and we pray that the people we help can recover and defeat this dangerous enemy. In the meantime we humbly continue to fight, doing whatever we can do to alleviate their burden, which comes not only from the disease but also from the terrible situation facing the country, where the inflation is unfortunately increasing day by day.

In our country, to the painful process of losing a loved one, is added another tragic process that consists in trying to find the money to pay the funeral services of the people who have left. The prices of such services are so high that it is becoming more and more difficult for Venezuelans to find the means to afford them. That is why, this month, we decided as a foundation to help economically two of the families who lost their relatives as a result of cancer so they could complete the money needed to give their loved ones a sacred burial.

During this month we were also able to help twelve people suffering from cancer and a child who lost his mother because of the same disease, so the foundation managed to make the following donations during the month of August:

  • Fifteen packs of diapers for people lying in bed.
  • A bag of food.
  • Two monetary donations so that patients who needed to travel to the city to get their treatment could afford their tickets.
  • Two financial aids so that two patients could afford the costs of chemotherapy.
  • Six medicines.

We greatly appreciate the donors who were able to make these donations possible and look forward to continuing to receive their collaboration and the collaboration of more people so that we can continue to help those who need it the most. Unfortunately there are many more people waiting for our help, people who need help to pay for their medical treatments, to pay for the diapers they need or to pay for the food they need to survive. Unfortunately we do not have enough resources to help all these people but we hope that with the collaboration of more people we can help, at least in our town, to all who need it, until the situation in our country improves and everyone can have the quality of life adequate to meet their own needs.

Thank you all and we hope you can share with your friends and family these short words.

Products donated:

Agosto medicinasAgosto comidaAgosto pañales


Although we have been trying to help people in our town as a foundation since 2014, it’s been only during this last 6 months that we have been able to help the most thanks to the donations that we have received from overseas. Those Donations have allowed us to continue helping the people who has been most affected by the terrible situation that is happening in Venezuela.

Sadly the situation continue to gets worst, a lot of people in Venezuela is still dying because of the lack of medicine and there are a lot of cases of malnourished children and adults. The people continue protesting in the streets peacefully against the government, but there are a lot of violent groups that are disturbing the peace in the streets. Recently the government decided to raise again the minimum wage to 250000Bs.F but compare to the prices of the products that increase can do nothing to help the people, just to give you an example of the prices the package of diapers that we usually donate costs 27000 Bs.F.

So because of this terrible situation, and because there are also a lot of sick people in our town, we as a foundation continue trying to help those in need. And thanks to donations from overseas this last four months we were able to help more than 15 people in the following way:

  • We have donated more than 30 packages of diapers for sick people.
  • We have donated different medicines that are hard to find or to buy because of the prices. 
  • We have donated 7 bag of foods for the people that not only is sick but also can’t afford to buy the food necessary to overcome the disease. 
  • We have given different donations to help more than 5 people to cover the cost of medical studies, chemotherapy and the cost of the transportation to go to the city where the treatment must be done. 

We were able to do all that thanks to the people that being outside of Venezuela realized that the situation is extremely difficult and that something should be done in order to help those who are in need, so we really appreciate any help we can receive and hope you can spread the word about us so that more people gets inspired to help us.



January and February were a little hard for the foundation and our town, sadly several people who suffered from cancer died, one of them was Queka, a great icon of our town. Queka was a very famous person in the village, someone everyone knew. A very cooperative person who was always there to help. Sadly he left, but the memory of a great person remains. And our foundation thanks all the people who collaborated with us to be able to make the last days of our friend Queka days more bearable. Queka always smiled because of the fact that  someone thought about him and  wanted to help him, either with food or diapers.

And although the months of January and February were a bit hard for the foundation because we could not raise  a lot of funds, we continued in the fight and with what could collected we were able to helped 6 people with diapers and covers for beds. And three bags of food were also distributed to three people in need. Finally we donated a bag of food for a girl who is a little malnourished because her mother is very sick and her financial situation is very precarious.

We deeply appreciate the help  that you gave us to help these people who need it so much.



We need your help.

About Us.

We are a non-profit foundation, and our main goal is to help people who suffer from cancer who not only have to go through the difficult process of cancer but also through the difficult situation in Venezuela, being unable to find food and the medicines needed because they don’t have the money or they can’t find it.

Our Mission:

To provide patients affected by cancer with scarce economic resources the opportunity to obtain the treatment and accompaniment necessary to overcome the disease with dignity.

Our Goals:

  • To improve the quality of life of patients with cancer and without economic resources.
  • To provide psychological, moral, spiritual and economic support to anyone suffering from cancer.
  • To establish agreements with private and public health institutions to assist people with cancer disease in acquiring medical treatments and medicines that they need to improve their health.
  • To contribute to the prevention of cancer.

How do we do it?

  • First, The foundation makes a diagnosis to know who are the people in the village who suffer from the disease and do not have the resources to fight against it.
  • Second, different activities are put into action for fundraising, and prevention of cancer.
  • Third, the aid is delivery.

After having collected the necessary resources, the foundation proceeds to help sick people or their families where they need it, usually the different types of help that are offered are:

  • Monetary aid so that the patient can buy the necessary medicines (if they are not scarce)
  • Different types of food so the patient can have more strength to fight the disease.
  • Monetary assistance so that the patient can cover the expenses of his or her transportation to the hospital where the treatment is performed.
  • Monetary aid to the deceased patient’s family so they can cover the costs of their burial.
  • Delivery of necessary supplies to improve the quality of life of the patient, such as: Diapers (which are scarce), breast implants, clothing, among others.

Due to the very precarious situation of the country, there have been people who do not suffer from cancer but who have other types of diseases or other needs that have come to seek the help of the foundation. Therefore, we often help these people in different ways, either with medicines, food, supplies or transportation. At this moment we know of several cases of malnourished children and the case of a child whose mother died of cancer and does not have the sufficient economic resources to live with dignity. Although these other people do not suffer of cancer we would like to be able to help them.

The situation in Venezuela is extremely difficult. The country faces shortage and poverty.

The gap between wages and prices is huge. What happens is that prices do not reflect the value of the bolivar but the dollar rate in the black market. For imports to be possible the owners have to exchange a very large amount of bolivars for a few dollars. Evidently, the value of the dollar has an impact on the prices of products that are paid in bolivars. As the needs increase, the dollar’s value rises. Thus, food products become inaccessible as prices are emancipated from wages.

This economic chaos pushes the population to poverty and in some cases to extreme poverty. In the subway, on the streets, everywhere, people beg for food or medicine. Driven by an unsustainable economic situation, mainly due to speculation about currency and food, people become fragile and vulnerable. Those who do not go under the red line make an immeasurable effort to survive.

This situation becomes worst when people is affected by cancer.  And because of that we decided to create this foundation to help cancer victims who are deprived of financial resources. Patients do not have the money to access medicines and don’t have the money to go to the cities where they can have the treatment. Last year we fund-raised 110,000 bolivars during a campaign but sadly that amount is not enough, for example we wanted to help a patient who needed a medicament every week that costed 40,000bs and we just fund-raised 110,000bs. And sadly there is more and more people in similar situations. Despite the generous help of the inhabitants, financial support is needed. It is difficult for the poor in Venezuela, that is to say, the majority of the population, because the situation already strikes them a lot. Thus, it is difficult to keep the flame of solidarity on fire, although, it must continued. Today, we seek the help of  countries where the currency is strong (dollar and euro) and launch a call for solidarity with Venezuela. If some people can give, let’s say 3 or 5 dollars a month, it would make a big difference. It’d be a contribution that is higher than what a normal person can offer in Venezuela. The money will allow some patients to face cancer with dignity.

If you are interested in helping us you can write to the following email:                     feyesperanzamauroa@gmail.com

The foundation is committed to inform donors every month about what is being done with the funds donated.

Thanks for you help.